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Our Commitment.

Their future.

UCSI Preschool Centre, Bandar Springhill is the place to provide a loving and encouraging environment that fosters learning and nurtures, children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years, into future leaders.

At the UCSI Preschool Centre, Bandar Springhill, we believe each child should receive quality care and a developmentally appropriate education. Instead of restrictive rote learning, the Centre focuses on play as the foundation for future academic learning. Active thinking, investigating, experimenting and adult-guided instruction provide children opportunities to learn and function at their own developmental age level.

About Us

As a preschool, we understand how the right start can take a child further in life. Our early childhood education focuses on making learning fun, so that our students approach education as something to look forward to. Our syllabus is carefully designed to balance classroom learning with life skills through games, outdoor activities and team work.

On a daily basis, our students engage in exploratory learning that blends both the teacher-directed approach and the child-directed approach.

We aim to not only deliver a balanced academic experience, but to also create a learning environment that shapes children into well-rounded global citizens. We ensure that character development themes – such as cultural diversity, acceptance and cooperation, to name a few – are woven into our daily lessons and are ever present. And in so doing, not only do we create a cohesive classroom environment, we also promote healthy social and emotional development in children.

Founder's Message

Dato' Peter Ng, UCSI Group Chairman

When it comes to children, I firmly believe that they should be allowed to enjoy their childhood for as long as they can. A healthy childhood is a long term advantage – it provides them the right start in life, so that they can face any future challenges as competent leaders and positive individuals.

As a father to four children myself, their education and wellbeing went hand in hand. Both are my priority. And this is the same promise that our UCSI Preschool Centre, Bandar Springhill is built upon – we will prioritise the education and wellbeing of your child.

Here, we provide a holistic, child-centred and enjoyable learning experience for children. We focus on ensuring that they have more time to pursue their own interests, to develop and nurture their curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness, independence, initiative and sense of responsibility.

This ensures a strong foundation in character-building, and a head-start in their subsequent education and development. At UCSI Preschool Centre, Bandar Springhill our children are groomed to realise their optimum growth through curriculum and teaching strategies, which are cognitively challenging.

We go beyond merely helping your child learn and play. We spark their creativity with maximum attention on their social and emotional developments to provide genuine holistic development.

At UCSI Preschool Centre, Bandar Springhill, childhoods are enjoyed and leaders are groomed. Thank you for allowing us to make your child’s wellbeing and education, our priority.


UCSI Preschool Centre is committed to
the pursuit of excellence and leadership in educational services and practice.


UCSI Preschool Centre will meet its Mission by:

Our Programmes

Every day, our students will conduct exploratory study and implement the “teacher-guided, student-centered” teaching principles. We firmly believe that a child’s educational development should be comprehensive. To this end, our mission is not just to provide a balanced academic experience, but also create an environment for children to learn.


Preparations for Enrolment at UCSI Preschool Centre.

Please prepare the following documents for submission:

Registration form

Download Registration Form

For Parents

2 passport-sized photographs

Father's NRIC (Malaysian/Permanent Resident only) or copy of Work Permit (copied on both sides)

Mother's NRIC (Malaysian/Permanent Resident only) or copy of Work Permit (copied on both sides)

For Children

Child's birth certificate (Malaysian only) or Passport and/or Dependent Visa (copied on both sides)

Emergency action plan for anaphylaxis (if required)


Complete allergy, diet and medication information (on the reverse side of the registration form)

Your registration will only be valid when you drop by the administrative office to confirm your application and pay the registration fee and deposit.


Office Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: CLOSED

Classroom Times
Half Day: 8:30am - 12:30pm
Full Day: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Meal Times
Children will be served a healthy lunch (12:45pm) and snacks (9:45am and 3:30pm) and all food is halal. Beef is not served due to cultural and religious reasons. Please inform the Centre if your child has any food allergies.


UCSI Preschool Centre, Bandar Springhill
No 1, Persiaran UCSI Bandar Springhill,
71010 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Mr. Boon

For appointment arrangement, please call +6012 248 8440

Tel: +606 653 6888, Fax: +606 653 6999

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